ezi Rider Vanatage
© ezi Rider Vantage 

The FIRST Regenerative, Self-Charging, Electric bike in NZ

- Specially Designed for the New Zealand Market 
- Easy step through Frame
- 300watt motor and range depends on terrain and regenerative recharge ability
- Recharges battery in certain controlled riding conditions.
- Front wheel disk braking
- Foldaway bike
- Top fittings with Shimano gears plus front wheel Zoom and seat Shocks
- Weight 25kg

Vantage Regenerative Charging Electric Bike

Four operational modes for the ebike with "Hybrid Mobility"
Mode 0 is normal ebike
PAS Mode 1, Mode 2 and Mode 3 are for battery Self-Charging.
PAS Charging modes
1. Coasting down hill, the battery is being charged.

2. Flat road, depending on the Mode 1-3 setting, charging will commence when above the stated speed.
Mode 1 speed >17km/h
Mode 2 speed >21km/h
Mode 3 speed >25km/h
For self-charging, do not use the throttle, pedal assistant only.

New eziRIDER ebike Vantage 2018

Shipment just arrived of the eziRIDER Vantage.

Vantage charging mode indicator

Battery charged status, when NOT CHARGING,
will be blue. On the right when charging, the display on the battery charged status, will change to a dark red. 

eziRIDER Vantage Foldaway view

eziRIDER Vantage Handle Bar View

eziRIDER Vantage Electric Foldaway Bike

eziRIDER Vantage Electric Foldaway Bike

Vantage LCD display

eziRIDER Vantage LCD display

Vantage Handle Bar Side view

eziRIDER Vantage Handle Bar Side view showing key.